About Us

We are a small, family run business in Horsham. We aim to be customer led with what we stock, so if you have a request for something in particular, just ask.

Our team:

  • Petula – Boss.
  • Melissa – General slave. (hee hee)
  • Fiona – Our lovely shop assistant.

We run various workshops including painting, crafting, crystals and healing. Check out the news or classes page for more details.

We have a table in the shop which we use for various craft activities, you can book in to come and paint/ decorate a wooden shape or just pop in and ask.

Petula is a fully ordained minister, qualified Healer, Healer trainer.

Petula has been a working healer for over 40 years, she is also a talented painter and takes commissions for Soul Landscapes. Her artwork can be viewed at the shop. More details about the soul landscapes can be found on the healing and spiritual page.

Petula also runs a variety of sessions to explore your own spirituality and connection to the world around you.




Horsham's gift and crystal shop